Welcome to the Wigfield Farm blog!

Welcome to the Wigfield Farm blog!

Wigfield Farm has a wide range of animals and is a platform for Land Based Industries courses at Barnsley College.

The farm is open for anyone to come and visit.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

VIP Meerkat and Reptile experiences now available

********************Breaking News**********************
We now have an exciting new venture at Wigfield Farm…..[drum roll please]……we are now offering VIP Meerkat or Reptile Experiences at Wigfield Farm! We meet people all the time who want to get that little bit closer to our animals and obviously our reptile room is not usually open to the public. Here are the details:

The meerkat experience is £30 for 2 people or £60 for a maximum of 4 people for approximately 30 minutes, this will involve preparing their food, going in their enclosure and feeding them. They are very inquisitive and cheeky so they will probably try and climb on you and so provide an excellent photo opportunity!

The reptile experience is £30 for 2 people or £60 for a maximum of 4 people and is for approximately 45 minutes. The experience is an opportunity to face your fears, get up close, touch and hold a variety of weird and wonderful animals, including snakes and lizards...this will be an excellent photo opportunity!

These are not just for children....why should they have all the fun!

These experiences would make an ideal gift for someone...maybe an anniversary gift?...nothing says 'I love you' like a Meerkat or reptile encounter!

*All children must be supervised.

**Minimum age is 5 years old.

Experiences must be booked prior to visiting the farm as you will receive exclusive access.

BOOKING ESSENTIAL…ring [01226] 216 474 or email l.robinson@barnsley.ac.uk