Welcome to the Wigfield Farm blog!

Welcome to the Wigfield Farm blog!

Wigfield Farm has a wide range of animals and is a platform for Land Based Industries courses at Barnsley College.

The farm is open for anyone to come and visit.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Wigfield Farm Meerkats - We Are Barnsley Interview

Great interview from We Are Barnsley on Wigfield Farm's meerkats.

Well done Gemma on speaking of our meerkats! :-)

Winter at Wigfield (January 2010) Part 2

Winter at Wigfield (January 2010) Part 1


Meet some chipmunks!

Wigfield in bloom!

Wigfield Farm is blooming!  Check out the local wildlife.

BBC - Design your garden

The BBC have got a very useful page dedicated to designing gardens.

This may be a useful supporting resource if you are studying horticulture at the farm.

There are many resources to download and read; guides, plans, designs and advice.  You can even try out a virtual garden!

Meet some meerkats!

Watch a video of the meerkats see their enclosure for the first time!


Meet a sugar glider!


Meet some rheas!

Meet some aquatic creatures!