Welcome to the Wigfield Farm blog!

Welcome to the Wigfield Farm blog!

Wigfield Farm has a wide range of animals and is a platform for Land Based Industries courses at Barnsley College.

The farm is open for anyone to come and visit.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Family entry voucher only £5.00!

Special Offer!!
Family entry voucher for only £5.00!
For 2 adults and up to 3 children.
Voucher must be printed off or displayed on your phone upon arrival in the cafe.
Vouchers valid until 31st July 2015.
Check out more special offers by clicking on the link below:

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Farmyard Friends Picnic @ Wigfield Farm

Our farmyard friends picnic is for under 5's and is on Sunday 21st June 12pm-4pm.
Its £3.50 per child [but this includes activities, free picnic box for each child and entry into the farm].
Adults £3, but Dads go free as it is also Father's Day.
Activities will include a scavenger hunt, outdoor games, bouncy castle [weather dependent], face painter and you get to meet some of our animal friends up close too!
Please bring your own picnic blanket.
For more information ring Lindsey on [01226] 216 474 or email on l.robinson@barnsley.ac.uk

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Caption competition over on our facebook page

We are currently running a caption competition with this photo over on our facebook page. To enter just click on the link below:

Good Luck!...Moooo :)

Monday, 8 June 2015

Goat, Chicken and Tortoise Enrichment

"I can almost reach it!"
"Mmmm Delicious!
We make enrichment an important part of life here at the farm. Staff and students provide enrichment to all our animals [large and small], but we don't always think to photograph or video it! Enrichment can take many forms including environmental [where we make changes to their enclosures to add stimulation] or sensory enrichment [where items are added that stimulate their senses eg. smell] etc. One of the simplest methods is [surprise surprise] food! Obviously all our animals receive
 their normal daily food but are then give additional treats such as fruit and veg. Food is often scattered for them to find to encourage natural foraging. The photos show the goats and chickens enjoying some delicious lettuce [from our horticulture unit]. Photos show hand-feeding the goats but only because the goats were a blur when it was thrown in lol!

"And what exactly do you expect me to do with that?!"

"Nom nom nom..cluck cluck cluck"

The following photos show tortoise enrichment! We love to be able to get some of our animals out of their enclosures and obviously tortoise get a great deal of enjoyment trundling round the grass in the sunshine. It is a change of scenery, enables exercise and exploration and there's plenty of fresh snacks available. The tortoise featured in our photos are supervised throughout. Edna is a Leopard 
Edna only managed to sit still for 2 seconds! 
tortoise [native to Africa] and was rehomed to us due to her family feeling they could no longer provide the best for her as she had grown so much in the 7 years they had owned her, and she has not stopped growing yet. Edna is not currently on public display at the farm. Shelley and Timmy are Hermann tortoise and they are on display in our aquatics room. If you want to see the live action version then why not visit our Facebook page where videos have been uploaded of all the tortoise enrichment fun. To keep updated on news and events why not like our Facebook page [Official Wigfield Farm], follow us on Twitter [@WigfieldFarm] or on our Instagram account [wigfieldfarm]

Shelley and Timmy enjoying the sunshine and grass!
Enrichment = happy animals.
Why not explore enrichment ideas at home for your pets :)
Click on the links for further information regarding enrichment: http://www.rspca.org.uk/adviceandwel…/…/behaviour/enrichment https://www.aza.org/enrichment


Thursday, 28 May 2015

Macauley's gearing up for a career in teaching :)

Name:  Macauley Parkin          
Age: 19            
Course title and Level: HND/HNC Animal Management

How did you hear about the course:

I was an existing student on the Level 3 Animal Management course when the HND/HNC in Animal Management first started and during one of my lessons a member of staff gave a talk on the course and the possibilities it will have for those who sign up.

What have you done previously [eg. qualifications, job, work experience]:

I have completed my Level 3 Animal Management course and I am also currently filling a Learner support post at Barnsley college. Whilst completing my studies I also work on my family farms.

What topics have you covered or are going to cover:

In the two animal management related courses I have and am still doing I have covered a number of units, the most interesting include anatomy and physiology as well as Fish, Game and Wildlife management.

What practical tasks have you done or are going to do:

In my last year we completed a unit titled Animal Husbandry where as part of the unit we were required to undertake 60 hours of practical animal management including going to a local stables for several weeks, practicals in some of our lessons but also assisting a member of staff in their lessons whilst carrying out practicals.

What have you enjoyed the most:

My favourite part of the course has been the opportunity to go into different lessons with different members of staff assisting as well as leading some lessons which is the area of industry I want to go in to.

What have you found the most challenging and why:

The most challenging part of my course has been moving the goal post for the assignments, rather than producing a level 3 piece of work I have had to improve my writing skills and knowledge further to meet the grade.

What do you hope to do when you have finished the course:

I plan to complete the Certificate in Education starting in September this year which will involve teaching hours here on the Wigfield farm site and lessons at University Campus Barnsley.

****If you are interested in studying animal care or horticulture at Barnsley College then please contact Liz Squires on e.squires@barnsley.ac.uk or ring [01226] 216 160


Thursday, 12 February 2015

Our 1st Wigfield Farm Student Profile!!....Thanks Amy :)

Our 1st Wigfield Farm Student Profile!!
....Thanks Amy :)

Amy and Miss pixie the Red Deer

Name: Amy Coates

Age: 16
Course title and Level:
Animal Management - Level 3. Studying full-time at Wigfield Farm, which is part of Barnsley College campus.
How did you hear about this course?
Attending open evenings and talking to former and current students.
What have you done previously before attending Barnsley College? [e.g. Qualifications, Job, Work experience]
What topics have you covered or going to cover?
Aquatics, Animal handling, Nursing, Health, Animal Accommodation, Feeding, Retail, Ecology, Zoology, Wildlife, Grooming [dog, rodent and rabbit], Biology, Animal Behaviour and Livestock.
What practical tasks have you done or going to do?
Maintaining accommodation of: goats, chickens, exotics [meerkats, reptiles, hedgehogs etc], fish, dogs, pigs, donkeys/ponies, red deer; Feeding, Grooming [dogs, rodents and rabbits] and moving animals.
What have you enjoyed the most?
The regular hands-on experience with a wide variety of animals.
What aspect of studying at Wigfield Farm have you found the most challenging and why?
Managing / organising myself. The level of independence is a lot higher than I imagined. This is something I am working on through the help of tutorials and support of staff and other students in order to improve my work.
What do you hope to do when you have finished the course?
I am currently unsure, although I am looking at different universities, as well as possibly staying on at Wigfield Farm for Higher Education with Barnsley College. I am also looking to travel to help with the rehabilitation of wildlife.

* Amy also does 'Earn to Learn' which is a scheme which provides fantastic work experience opportunities as well as giving students the opportunity to earn rewards which is paid half termly in the form of travel, food, equipment or money. The added bonus is that it also looks good on your CV and UCAS application. Amy spends her 'Earn to Learn' time assisting with our 'Stay and Play' sessions every Wednesday morning, where Amy is a fantastic help and she engages with parents as well as children. 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Cuteness Overload!!!

How cute are these?!!! These are Multimammates or African Soft Furred Mice :)
These are also available to buy £2.50 each or 5 for £10.00
Please email l.robinson@barnsley.ac.uk or ring [01226] 216 474 for more details

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Childminder Season Ticket

Just to let people know...we now have a childminders Season Ticket available at the farm £20.00 and valid for one year [admits 1 adult and 3 concessions]. Proof is required on application. For more info: ring [01226] 216 474